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Getting mind back in gear after 10 days

Ten days without e-mail; ten days without clients calling; ten days without being able to work; ten days without yard of house work, and ten wonderful days to concentrate on family, kids and grandkids. Recommend that at least once a year each of you should leave everytng behind and determine what is really important in life.

No, the reality is still there when you return, but somehow it doesn’t look as bad as it did before you left.  You also discover that you are not indispensable and that both business and life goes on. In fact, things may even be better that before you left.

In my case, I am taking out a buyer tomorrow and have two new listing appointments scheduled for this week. I am more optimistic about selling some of my inventory during the next few months and perhaps, can see a glimmer of hope for the real estate industry.

Also exciting  is the opening of my trial store, Live With Solar. Picked up my signs today and the balance of my “initial” inventory arrived while I was gone. WE will set up my “mini store” on Thursday and be open for business on Friday at 10am. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of this process has been trying to guess the “wants” of the consumer. I only ordered about 20 different products and all in the low end of the price scale. Depending on what happens this month, I may have to change what I offer. I won’t  give up if I don’t succeed this first weekend and sellout all my inventory.

Good to be back.

Customers are increasingly choosing vendors on the basis of long-term value, not long term history.

Have a great day!

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  1. Rod Dennis on September 29, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    What is the location of your new store?

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