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re-invent your business

A small business with one owner and five employees; several machines that made the product they used to sell  was quiet. The last six months had seen the business slow to a crawl and the red ink flowed freely. “Doing what they have always done and expecting different results” did not work. There was no longer a need for their product.

This story is repeated hundreds of times each month throughout our nation as small business after small business close their doors.

Fear, negative thoughts, failure, despair, a “give up attitude” all these take over the small group and the unemployment lines grow longer as these six people in our story face their families and then try to find work, similar to what they have been doing, which, in most cases does not exists.

there is an alternate solution; these six people need to go out into their community and determine what is needed. Two weeks, under the guidance of a mentor, and, I believe that a need will be found that will give this group a new lease on their business life. Enthusiasm will come back to life and with some careful budgeting and a lot of innovation, a new, stronger business will emerge.

The challenge to this solution will require the group to be willing to dedicate themselves to re-inventing their business;to  spend the necessary time to find the answers and to have the courage to seek (ask)  help from a mentor. Even without money, giving a mentor a share of the future business is a small sacrifice when considering the alternative.

There are many people, like myself, that do this type of work, our challenge is to find people that believe in themselves and are dedicated to success.


A mentor is someone who helps you learn the ways of the world, someone who has your best interests at heart.

Have a great day!

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