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don’t give up to soon and real estate

Lot’s to visit about this evening. First, real estate: If you are even remotely thinking about buying a home, please call me at once: 602-989-1592. Looking at homes in North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, I have found bargains that I would never have believed available. For example, a home near Scottsdale Country Club, over an acre of land and 3200 sq ft. A one owner home, very clean with great upside potential listed at only $499,000. Three years ago this home could have sold for close to $900,000.

In Paradise Valley, acre plus lots with homes around 3,000 sq ft selling for under $800,000. Three years ago, these homes were over $1,500,000.

In my opinion, both of these areas will be among the first to rebound when the market turns. I am not sure we have reached bottom yet, but if you are looking for a home to live in for the next 7 to 10 years, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Don’t be a “I wish I had” person.

Just a short note on not giving up. When you open a small business, success is more that a month or even six months away. Today I have run across several small firms that have closed their door in less than 3 months after opening. Planning and budgeting are a must along with a realistic outlook.

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