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It’s the thought that counts

Spent 3 days with many small businesses. Success is critical to all. In visiting with them it was easy to tell which ones will survive (or have a good chance of surviving) and which ones will close. In the particular setting I was in, approximately 15 small firms closed due to lack of sales (or perhaps financial staying power) after only two months of operation. In each case, they were waiting for someone else to bring buyers.

I believe that success lies in controlling our thoughts. Yes, I can be down ( but not out) if I had a bad sales day. Instead of hoping that the next day will be better the questions should be, what are your expectations and what are you going to do to make that happen?

Visualizing a better day  tomorrow is the foundation upon which the previous two questions can be answered. Having a positive vision will allow you mind to work, on its own, and feed you the information you need to make your dreams a reality.

The smallest of firms, a one person shop, needs to have a business and marketing plan, independent of anyone else, which, when implemented, will achieve their desired results.

Create a marketing and business plan this week and your results will improve if you stick with it.


When you change the way you look at something, the thing you look at changes in response.

Have a great day!

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