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Get permission before marketing

Value marketing, my definition, is getting people to want your information. There has to be something that they consider important enough to ask you to call, or to send a  newsletter or  e-mail, etc. Trust is the second part of the equation; trust is something that is earned over time, by your performance.

Back to making notes; write down three pieces of information that you would like to have, I don’t care how ridiculous they may be. If they are important to you write them down. If someone was able to provide that information to you, would you want to receive it?

Our job, in the business world, is to find out what customers want and then figure out how to provide that service or product. Now comes, what many consider the hard part, “how do you find out what people want?” The easiest way is to ask; another way is for you to research what others have done through the use of focus groups, trends, etc.

If I were to guess, in today’s economy several things come to mind: retirement, employment opportunities, and health issues. While there is no universal  issue, common to everyone, these three should have a broad appeal. ( In reality, there may be hundreds of issues but let’s work with these three for now.)Our challenge is to adopt our current service ro product to meet these needs.

To further build on this concept, ask at least 20 people ( friends, relatives co-workers) to list their top three most important issues. This is a great conversation starter and will show, those that you ask, that you care.

In my blogs I only scratch the surface. My goal is to challenge you to discover what you need to be successful and then to perhaps call me so we can work together. A mentor is perhaps, the single most important addition you can make to your business.


Value Marketing turns strangers into friends and then friends into customers.

Have a great day!

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