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Violence, education, morals

Watched over an hour of local and national news this evening.In Chicago, for example, they are allocation 300 million dollars to help 1,200 troubled students; that comes out to $250,000 per student. That’s more than enough to send each of them to college for four years. I wonder how much of those funds are used towards administration and how much is a direct benefit to the children. Even so, that is only a drop in the bucket for Chicago, let alone the rest of the country. I don’t believe that “throwing” money at a problem is the solution. A student interviewed on the program said he did not think that this effort would result in a cure.

In The Metro Phoenix area, two men were arrested for attempting to bury a live a man whose family, in Mexico, would not pay for his release.

Crime is so common place in our nation that many people accept it as a way of life.

Our education system in Arizona, one of the worst in the nation, is who, we as business owners, have to rely on to provide future workers. Teachers are not given the tools to teach, they are not paid enough to select the very best possible people as teachers. The reuslt, is an every downward spiral.

I spoke to several teens who said that drugs are still readily available through school contacts and at most  teen parties.

In my opinion, taking GOD and the accompanying morals our of our families, schools and businesses is the root cuase of our problems.

Each of us can have a certain amount of influence, in our families, in our community  in our businesses and in our vote. If we don’t take ownership of this problem, all the work we do to grow our business will be for nothing.

Don’t turn a blind eye towards this issue. It is real even in your neighborhood. The choice is yours.


“What you are is God’s gift to you; what you do with yourself is your gift to God.”

Have a great day!

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