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Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I spent a lot of hours with my little booth at the A to Z market place ( North West Corner of Scottsdale Road and Thunderbird). I enjoy watching people and learned a lot about “shopping habits” of those that came. Most of the shoppers were women and the items that seem to do the best where jewelry, lotions, and home decor. Very few people did more than glance at my small solar display.

I visited with a few people about purchasing education solar kits for their children or grandchildren but found very little interest. These same people spent more on food, “splat balls” etc for their children, but were not interested in educational items. Is that a sign of our times?

I will be there on Friday from 10am to approximately 4pm and will add several of my books to the mix to see if there is any interest. Visits are more than welcome.

We have to ask for support, and I am asking any of you that are looking for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts to stop by and see my wares.

The challenge I have is to create a market for my products and I will be working on that (part time) over the next few weeks. Real Estate is still my prime business and this is a great time for buyers and some sellers.


” A turn in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.”

Have a great day!

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