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Fear of Buying

Learning about new products and services requires participation by two parties; the one offering the product or sercice and you as a consumer. Many of us are afraid of “being sold” something we don’t want or need. The problem with this fear is that you may miss something that can benefit you or help you in your daily life.

When someone offers you a product or service, be courteous, listen and evaluate both the product/service that is being  as well as the person making the offer. You can tell by listening if the person is sincere in the presentation and if the product or service is something beneficial to you.

In my opinion , we have lost the art of being “polite” in our nation. Don’t assume that everyone is bad because they are trying to earn a living as a salesperson.   Our entire economy is based on each of us exchanging our goods and service with others.

I would rather see someone working at an honest trade than relying upon a hand out from the government of begging on a street corner.

Stop, listen and evaluate next time you are shopping.


Be nice to people… nice gets nice, and all things being equal, courtesy can be very persuasive.

Have a great day!

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