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Good money is made in bad times

When one gets desperate there are two choices to make; first, give up, get depressed and blame anyone and everyone for your bad luck. The second choice is harder, “suck it in” and try again.

Our minds has a lot to do with our success,  not only in business but also with our health. it has been shown that stress decreases immunity and with the flu season coming up, stress can lead to dangerous results. Just as we decide about our health  habits – exercise, eating right, to smoke or not to smoke, our minds have  the ability to send out images to our body which can unleash the hormones, etc, that tell our body what do do. While working the mind to keep us healthy if beyond the scope of this blog, I can recommend several books that I enjoyed on this topic.Minding the body, Mending the Mind by Joan Borysenko, PhD. and Healing and the Mind by Bill Moyers.

I can however share a few thoughts on a positive approach to business which may help reduce stress. My first suggestion is for you to take a sheet of paper and write on it ” Worry causes stress and stress cannot solve problems”. Under that sentence write ” Action reduces stress”.  And now for the last sentence: The following three action items will help solve my problem. Under the last sentence, write three things that will help; place no restrictions on your three answers. These three things are the most important things that need to be accomplished at this time in your business. Set your course (make a plan) and tackle these three suggestions.

If you do this exercise every time you feel pressured “stressed”, you will notice an improvement in your outlook and business.


” I’ve found that if you can just last through the rough spots, and hold onto the good spots, things will always get better. They always have.”

Have a great  day!

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