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Leadership, a skill to be learned

Being a leader does not make you one. Since you started a new business or are the owner of an existing business, you may assume that you are now a leader. You may even have a few people that work for you. Let’s talk about what make a leader.

A leader must have followers otherwise he is not a leader. Followers can be those that work for you or your clients and customers. A title does not a leader make. Putting “President” or “CEO” or “Owner” on a business card and letterhead does not make you a leader.

In reality, it is the followers that make a person a leader.  They have to accept your influence, guidance and direction.  Followers will make a leader if they believe that the leader will get them what they need or want.

To become a leader there are many things to be learned. The first is to learn what your followers need. Once you have identified that need, then you can decide what you have to do to satisfy their need. I believe that it is virtually impossible to satisfy the needs of all your followers, but if you enlist the resources of your followers  then they take ownership, along with you, in identifying and satisfying needs.

As a leader you have now become part of the followers and have allowed your followers to become part of leadership. This is a simple, yet very complex system. I challenge you to apply concept  this to both your employees and your clients. Work at it and you will see some surprising results.

No, this is not all there is to leadership training. Visit you local library or bookstore and read several books on  Leadership. Whatever your position is in the community or your company, you need to study and learn the basic principles of leadership in order to serve you coworkers and clients.


Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make then all yourself.

Have a great day!

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