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Postal Mail or E-Mail

This is being written from my own perspective and experience.

First of all, I believe that there is room for both; each has a different purpose.

I use postal mail because it believe it gets a better readership, it has a longer shelve life and it can get, in my opinion, better results.As an example, my real estate newsletter, For the Love of your neighborhood, has accomplished the following:

  • Some people bind my newsletter and use it as a resource; the shelve life is longer
  • the % results from a postal newsletter gets me a better response then I get from an e-mail newsletter
  • My name is remembered
  • It can be read at leisure by the recipient
  • Even at a quick glance, a recipient knows what the content is and can decide if it is of interest
  • On the down side, the expense is high and one must sell a product or service that can result in a positive cash flow. I would not sell a product or service that is under $500 in company income

I also use e-mail. I have a blog, two newsletters (soon to be three) plus comments on social networks. I use e-mail for the following purposes:

  • achieve name recognition
  • reduce cost
  • increased contact frequency
  • get action on less expensive items
  • On the downside, I have to sent out many more e-mails to get readership
  • because of the high volume of e-mails most people receive, even a good message can get “junked” 

In summary, it depends upon your product or service but I still feel that postal mail conveys a more personal touch.


Taking charge of your life cannot be done for you. It is a right that only you can take for yourself.

Have a great day!

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