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Effective Marketing – Business to Business

Why Business to Business? First, by being in business you have something in common with your target market. The premise of this concept is that a business is made up of people and people are who we are trying to reach with our product or service.  On an individual basis, prospective customers may be afraid of us, afraid that we will sell them something. By cultivating a business owner and gaining his endorsement, you also gain access to his employees and they will be more receptive.

Great Idea, but how do we make this happen?  The following are several suggestions to help implement this program.

  • Form a business owners support group. Invite business owners to meet once a week to share their stories and learn from the experience of others. Limit the group to one type of business and stress that this is not a referral group, but a support group. If you need help with the group building process, my book How to Build a Business Support group  is available for $ 10.
  • Meet your business neighbors. I recently gave a talk on this subject to a business owner and his staff. There were a total of 18 people at the meeting. The first task I gave them was to write the names of as many owners of nearby business as they could. Not one of them could provide a single name. Meeting your neighbors is not a cold call, it’s being friendly and it shows that you care. Call on your neighbors with a box of cookies and a Starbucks container of coffee. Find out what they do and how you can help them grow their business.  The gesture will come back to you many fold.
  • Become active in civic groups such as Rotary, Chamber, etc. or volunteer your time to a non profit organization. No, you can’t solicit business at these functions, but by being  involved and giving of your time and talent, business will come with you having to ask.

These are a few ideas that I implement with clients. Try these for 30 days and e-mail me your results.


The greatest obstacle to success is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

Have a great day!

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