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“fluff” without the “stuff”

Unfortunately, there are too many people within my consulting industry that provide a lot of “fluff” without the “stuff”. The number of pages in a consulting recommendation has nothing to do with its value. I have seen business plans that number hundreds of pages and countless hours at an hourly fee with a highly paid consultant, that result in no return of a clients investment.

i believe in the “kiss” method and a working plan with deadlines and accountability should never be longer than 50 pages (30 is better). It does not matter the size of the company or if it is an established firm or a start up.

As I mentioned before, every firm should have a mentor or consultant. Without one, it is like working on your own teeth; it may be possible to succeed, but you have a very low percentage for success.

the following are several things to think about when hiring a mentor/consultant.

  • What specific benefits will I receive from you?
  • What makes you different from other consultants?
  • Describe the elements that make your service more value?
  • How long does it take complete and implement a process for my firm?
  • What is your follow up plan?

These five questions will help you compare apples to apples. When hiring any service the other consideration, is the human factor. Is the consultant someone I can work with and trust?


To get to the Promised Land, you must negotiate through the wilderness.

Have a great day!

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