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I am truly afraid for the future of our Nation. Never before have I encountered so many people, not only negative about our future, but also having a feeling of being owed something. What is even more troublesome, is that I am hearing comments form what I consider to be middle America. At one time they considered themselves on the wealthy side, but the downward cycle came and their American initiative failed them.

Perhaps some have a right to blame others for our lack of jobs,  the downward spiral in our economy, morals and manufacturing but these same people should also feel that they can be a catalyst for change. They don’t think that they can make a difference. Many I talked to want to climb  in a hole and just survive. Hiding does not solve a problem and cutting expenses can’t be the solution to survival, neither for them nor for our Nation.

I have called this The  Era of Negativity and feel that this is the greatest danger facing our Nation,  ever, in its history. The past few months I felt   this spreading across our nation without anyone recognizing the symptom and thus, no solution is being sought.

Most os us talk about the problems we face as individuals; lack of jobs, increasing costs, increasing taxes, etc. We read about our city and how service will have to be cut, including police, fire, education etc. We are told that credit card debt is wrong yet as a Nation we borrow to keep going.

We have to stop and recognize this threat, this Era of Negativity, and once we can understand its source, we must take steps to fight it.Some have lost their will but a few of us have to go back to the core values that made our Nation great and start again. Do you accept this challenge? do you think we can gather enough of an army before it’s to late?


Le’s forget our enemies, let’s work around them. Work instead on developing friends, turning people who agree with us ( a little or a lot) into passionate advocates and adherents.  In that way we can surround our enemies with our friends.

Have a great day!

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