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Think before selling

Spent some time visiting with home sellers today. There are three types that i encountered today.

  1. those that have to sell due to a financial  crisis. Many of these folks waited to long before talking to me. My first step is to see if there is an alternative to selling. If not, we try to maximize the value fo their home and to make it as attractive as possible without spending a lot of money. (Thank Jen for her expertise in this area)
  2. Those that are uncertain about the future value of their home. The media is not helping and Phoenix is still targeted by the national media as a city with declining values. While I believe that some areas will continue to decline, I believe that other areas are  close to bottom. We examine trends and then work in the decision making process with the owners.
  3. Those that want to downsize or upgrade: understanding the market place and the current value of their  existing property is the first step. Then crunching the numbers to see if such a move is advisable is the second step. Yes, there are lot of good buys in all price levels and financing is still very affordable. I believe that this group will be the ones that come out ahead if the decision is to buy or sell in this market.

As always, I don’t charge to review your individual situation.  Please call me at 602-989-1592.


American society is still not perfect, but it is still the best there is.

Have a great dat!

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