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A business that does not grow is a business in decline

A business is like a tree; if it doesn’t grow it begins to die. A business can grow in many ways; staff, clients/customers, revenue, etc, but there has to be a plan for growth. Status quo means the beginning of the end.

Without growth, a small business is nothing more than a job that you created so that you have a place to go, to work hard, and hope you can meet your expenses at the end of the month. Without planned growth, you might as well close your business and get a job, you will have less worries.

A business plan encompasses growth; it sets a time schedule and makes one accountable for the results.

Growth will take you out of your comfort box. New ideas, new people, new clients, new marketing methods, new products and services are all part of growing a company. Fear has to be replaced with optimism and a very positive outlook. The planning process, while important, cannot be all encompassing, the start is the key.  Procrastination may set in and the longer the delay in the implementation of your growth process, the less chance you will have for success.

I am a strong advocate for both a mentor and a business support group. In the past, I have addressed the process for selecting a support group as well as a mentor. 


“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Have a great day!

Nick Petra

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