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GUTS.. (God’s UndeniableTerrific Secret)

In writing these blogs I often speak to myself as well as to my clients. Planning for something is good but another saying is important:
“Anything worthwhile doing is worthwhile doing wrong” In other words, don’t wait until everything is ready for the start; in most cases getting ready never happens and your drive and enthusiasm may vanish.

Edison did not wait until he was sure he had the right material to make a light bulb; we make mistakes and learn from them. Real growth is often the result of a mistake that served as a base for future attempts and paved the way for success.

This pertains not only to business but also to our daily life with our families and our community. As an example, how many of you plan to spend more time with your children or spouse, but somehow that time never happens. We have to prioritize our goals both family and business and then take the top one and make it happen. In business, perhaps bringing in a partner or new employee is part of your future agenda; do it now!


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Have a great day!

Nick Petra

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