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Client/Customer Relations

Doing the same thing and expecting different results won’t work anymore in this new age of client/customer relations. It appears that the rapid growth in technology has also had an effect on what clients expect. Just like technology is changing,  almost on a daily basis, expectations are also changing. 

I just got involved with a new site in my Real Estate practice ( ) which allows my customers and clients to create their own search criteria when buying a home. When selling, they also can search what has sold in their neighborhood and what is for sale. In this way they have an active role, participating in their buying and selling process.

This concept should be carried on in every business. As business owners or sales/service people, we must let the customers get involved in all aspects of the decision making process. The first step is to listen to them, to find out why they came to you. Don’t start offering any services until you have completed the listening process and then offer a menu of services from which they can select and even customize to their own needs. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”.

In today’s economy keeping existing clients and getting new ones is critical to any business. Competition is only going to get stronger and clients will by offered services that we may have not even thought of yet.

In my business planning, I now advocate that client relations should become an integral part of the planning process, with an understanding that is is one area that must be reviewed every few month.
Stop acting like a “no it all” and become a partner with your clients.

Have a great day!
Nick Petra

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