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Business Support Group

Several years ago I wrote a book on the importance of having a support group. I  believe that without one, a business greatly reduces is chances for success.

This is a group of like minded individuals who gather together for the purpose of sharing ideas, seeking support in their own areas, and in turn offering support and encouragement to the rest of the group. The purpose of this “TEAM” is to gather the synergy that exists because of the group and increase their financial wellness.

The group size, unlike a lead exchange group, should have  between 5 and 6 members. The commitment is to meet every week and open up your mind and heart to the rest of the TEAM. The TEAM must be honest while sharing their own goals and be willing to listen to the other members. Honesty and trust are the foundation that the team build upon.

The formation of this team is the most critical step for achieving financial independence,  but first you  have to determine  what you “love” to do in the world of business. Understanding your own strengths and having a burning passion for what you want to do to reach your financial goals is an essential ingredient that every team members must bring to the group.

With a plan in your mind and heart, stop whatever you are doing and build your “TEAM”. The most important qualifications for a team member is a willingness to look ahead to financial success and to commit to the team concept.


The person who wants to put on the brakes instead  of stepping on the gas usually has fewer ideas about where to go.

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