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“Slipping into a funk”

I have written about the need for a “Master Mind Group” for your business. Success is much more readily achieved if you are working within such a group. This week, two chance happenings, showed me how important it is to have support group for your daily life. Let me share the two situations I encountered. First, a grandmother taking care of a teen age grandchild. She is all alone with no visible family, or professional consultants.  She took a high interest rate loan on her free and clear home, an amount equal to about half its value, from an individual she found in the paper. Now the money is gone, her monthly income barely pays for food and bare necessities,  she lives in fear of losing her home and at this point has no one that she trusts.

Sometimes, even having a large family is not the right support group. If you have been ill and missed work, your income goes down, your wife is scared of losing her home. You may feel ashamed; perhaps the family might look at you as a failure.  The unemployment in Arizona is running well over 10% and the chances of finding another well paying job, in your mind, are slim to none. At this point, for some people, escape from life in the form of a suicide become their choice.

Your faith should provide a sense of right and wrong and prayer does help, but also having friends in place that you meet with weekly can provide a building block to help avoid despair. There are many opportunities to start or to find such a group. Building your support group within your own faith is a great way to start. The Cursillo, a four day retreat is,  one source  that helps in the development of such a group. I am sure that there are many others, but you have to take the first step now.


“It is hard to see ourselves without the eyes of another. a coach, a confidant, a mentor, or a  teacher.”

Have a great  day!

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