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A Marketing preparation day

Having a business plan is an essential tool for success and, as it should, it contains a portion on marketing. In any economy, especially today’s, marketing is critical for survival and growth. Spending a full day each month on planning and reviewing your current marketing is a necessity. Once the plan is established, a minimum of one hour a day should be devoted to its implementation.

Being busy, working in your business, is not an excuse to avoid your marketing time. As Gerber  stresses in all his books, we need to be “working on our business not in our business.”

This is one method to use in your full day marketing plan

  • set a financial goal for the month
  • determine what your best source of new business has been in the last three months
  • make a list of what marketing efforts showed little or no results.
  • Review and enhance your internet marketing, ( web site, blog, social media marketing, e-newsletters, etc.)
  • review the effectiveness of your past clients contact system
  • review you new business leads, follow up system
  • determine how to make  your referral network more effective
  • establish a daily marketing schedule for the next 30 days

Review your plan with your mentor or “mastermind group” Then make it happen.

Marketing is similar to marriage in that both will work with enough commitment; neither has much chance without it.

Have a great day!

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