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Clear the Clutter

Getting rid of useless ( not needed or seldom used) stuff is one of the hardest chores each of us has to face.It hits the charts as one of the items that is most often put off. There are a lot of reasons; those are my college books, my family gave me that gift; I may lose weight and fit into those clothes again; I need all those files,. just in case……..   etc. etc. etc…
Let me introduce a simple method that may help you get started.

At Home:

  • take a room each week and with a pad of sticky notes, label everything that you have not used in the last six months.
  • now, take another color pad of sticky notes and put a different one on the items with the first sticky pad, but only if you know, deep inside your heart, that it is something that you absolutely have to keep.
  • next, take the items with one sticky note and give them to a family member, a charity, have a garage sale or just throw them away.
  • this process applies to clothes in the closet, in drawers, kitchen items, books,  etc, etc, etc
  • repeat this process until every room, garage and storage area is purged.
  • repeat this process every six months.

At the Office:

  • One of the greatest inventions is the scanner that is usually part of most printers, even those under $100.
  • devote a half hour every day to purge your files, scan in the important documents and shred the rest. Storing items on a disk will free up your file space and help you organize your office.
  • repeat this process until you have transferred all your important files to disk.
  • repeat this process at least once a year

Character, the ability to carry on after the mood has left you.
Have a great day!

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