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School for Life

School does not end with a high school or college degree. To survive in the world of business you have to be and stay smarter that the next person. The old saying ” you learn by doing” is ok if you plan to live another 500 years.

The internet has put the world at our finger tips. Information on most any subject is just a click away. Books, seminars, DVD’s and CD’s provide not only education but can be a continuous source of inspiration.

Good time management is a necessity in our fast moving world. Time for “education” is in addition to our marketing time and our weekly “support team” meeting. Seminars are scheduled and require your presence and participation, but your car can play CD’s. Whenever you are in your car alone, you have an educational opportunity.  An extra half hour in the morning and in the evening gives you time for reading,. watching an educational DVD or doing research on the internet.

Our  family is the center of our lives, They deserve time and full attention. As you meet this challenge of education, find time to fit it in so that it does not take away from your family.

Begin implementation of this next step today. It will pay big dividends in the future.


The world is moving so fast these days that the person who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.

Have a great day! 


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