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What do you do?

What do you do? A question frequently used as an ice breaker.Unfortunately, most of us don’t listen and in most cases, give the wrong answer. The questions is asking “what do you do” not what is your profession. The usual answers may include: doctor, plumber, attorney, real estate broker, etc. etc. etc. An answer as to your profession leaves very little opportunity to extend the discussion.

Instead of saying I am a financial planner, perhaps a better answer would be “I put work clothes on peoples dreams so that they can become a reality.” Instead of saying I am a real estate agent, would not a better answer be ” I help people with the biggest investment decision in their life.”  With both these answers there is room for questions and discussion.

Your challenge for the next few days is to come up with a sentence that describes what you do. Something that would prompt  others to ask; how do you do that? It should be a positive statement of service. Think about putting that on your business cards and all other printed material. Use the statement every time someone ask you What do you do?

Let me know how you are doing after trying it for several weeks.


Everyone goes to a networking event to better themselves in some way or another. Make sure you’re prepared to help someone else get better.

Have a great day!

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