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Network Marketing aka Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel marketing still brings the image of pyramid schemes to many; illegal schemes where only the first participants made money.

Times have changed  as has the name. Network marketing is, now, in most cases, a legitimate type of business marketing. I believe that network marketing can be a credible channel of distribution for both products and services. There are many advantages:

  • no employees
  • no payroll
  • little overhead
  • opportunity to expand your business by helping others make money.

The easiest way to get into this business is to become part of an existing network marketing program such as “Pre-Paid Legal”. in this or similar opportunities a small investment gets you started, the rest is up to you.

My challenge is for you to examine your own business to see if it is adaptable to network marketing. The internet, books, and examining existing network marketing businesses is a good way to learn how  you can adapt your own business to this marketing process. Do some “:out of the box” thinking. Just because your type of business is not currently in the network marketing arena, does not mean that you can’t be in the forefront of a new marketing system for your type of business.


The words “it can’t be done” do not belong in the vocabulary of a future success.

Have a great day!


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