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Communications is a two way street

Writing a blog on a daily basis is a challenge. I appreciate calls, e-mails and comments on what I am blogging and am asking you  to please comment more often. Please, agree, disagree or add to my thoughts. Your participation keeps me on track.


Back to my topic. I am very worried about the enormous debt that our country is compiling. The amount of debt that the U.S. Treasury is forced to sell every month poses a great challenge. What happens if if foreigners decline to purchase our debt and we, the cash strapped citizens don’t have the means or desire to buy it either?

There may not be a simple solutions, but if our government keeps on spending, the consequences may be more than our Nation can bear. I believe that we have to go back to our core values, the values the pilgrims brought with them. Each of us should work to support our families. Relying on the government to feed, cloth, provide health care, etc. etc. is a path to disaster.

Vote for people that believe that the foundation of our country is “everyone working and helping one another”. We are  blessed with the right to work, start a business and to vote for the king of leadership we want. Getting people to rely on big government only increases the apathy that spreads to more and more people and future generations.

The future of our Nation is in your hands. What will you make of it?


” In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.”

Have a great day!


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