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Particiating in an Expo

I participated in a Business Expo at Blessed Sacrament Church in Scottsdale. Our “booths” were open Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Although the attendance was not the best, it was a very worthwhile event.The exhibitors are the “true value” contacts; they are people who had the courage to step forward and run their own business.

Establishing solid relationships with as many of your fellow exhibitors as possible  should be your immediate goal. Not only may they be in need of your services or products, but they also have a client base, as you have, and you can share  and it becomes a win, win situation. Growing a business requires learning from other business owners and sharing your particular knowledge.

A method to start the relationship building process is as follows:

  • reach out with an e-mail message as soon as possible
  • study the products and services that each business offers
  • make a phone call within two weeks after the expo and arrange a meeting. If they have an office, make an appointment to go to their office. If no office is available, meet for coffee , lunch, etc….
  • ask about their business history and their dreams and then listen.
  • ask how you can help their business and listen
  • establish and implement a regular  communications system
  • make every effort to help them with their business
  • be honest and sincere in all your communications.

Give and you shall receive, hold true in business just as in real life. Some of these people may become part of your “master mind” group which meets every week. Be open and you will be pleased with the results.


Over the life of your business, the single most valuable asset you and your company will possess are the true relationships that you have built.

Have a great day!

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