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Getting permission

No matter what business you are in or what business you plan to start, other people, (clients and customers) will play a major role in your success. If you can get permission to send people information on your products or services you will find the selling process a lot easier. My daily e-mails number in the hundreds. Most of them go directly  to my junk mail and of the remainder, if I don’t recognize the sender,  of am interested in the subject line, they get deleted.

Before we discuss what to do with a “permission e-mail list” let’s talk about the proper way to  gather them.

  • Start with people you know, tell them that you have a newsletter of your services/products that they may find interesting and useful. Ask them if you could add their e-mail address to your list. I also ask them for their help by way of comments of what they liked best in my newsletter and what else they would like to see in it.
  • Let me further define, “people you know”; don’t include only current customers, remember that a prospect is anyone that can buy  from you or refer business to you. That makes almost everyone a viable contact. Think about family,. friends, church contacts, etc. Make a list of all your activities and a list of people within each of these areas. Now comes the hard part, call each of these people and ask them for help in evaluating your newsletter; ask them if you could add them to your e-mail  list.
  • In your place of business have a sign in book and ask your clients to sign it with their name and e-mail address. Have a hard copy of your last e-mail newsletter to demonstrate the quality and content. Assure them that their e-mail address will never be given to anyone else.
  • As you meet people and establish a relationship with them ask them for permission to add their name to your e-mail newsletter list. Tell them a little about its content and the value it has for them.

Start your e-newsletter with whatever number of e-mails you gathered in your first week.  It may only be 25 or several hundred, the important thing is to start sending it out on a regular basis. I use constant contact ( as my e-mail newsletter service. If you would like to receive my monthly “small business essentials” e-newsletter please contact me.

In my next blog we will talk about the value of your contact list.


Start compiling you list today so that you can Put work clothes on your dream in order for them to become a reality”

Have a great day!

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