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One Customer at a time

Many business try to market to everyone and then end up marketing to no one. Spreading marketing time and dollars to reach as many potential customers as possible provides a “one shot” opportunity to sell your product or service. Often there is no continued marketing effort to the same target and more than one contact is needed to establish a relationship.

There has been much talk about the true value of one customer.One on one marketing can create tremendous customer loyalty. It provides a business owner the opportunity to listen to the needs of a customer and then customize the product or service to meet the need. One loyal customer that is excited about your firm and tells friends and business acquaintances about you, in my opinion, is the strongest possible marketing success that you can achieve.

The process, like any other worthwhile effort, requires a system and a lot of hard work. It is important to first identify your customer and then obtain as much detail as possible about that person. A name, address, and e-mail is not enough, it is important to know your customers habits, likes and dislikes in all aspects of their life and business. Important date, birthdays, anniversaries, children names, employment, etc are all part of the data gathering process. This allows you to customize your services to meet their needs.

I used the word “identify” when selecting the “one on one” business growing process. Not everyone in the world has need of our product or service and since time is the most important commodity that each of has, the identification process is the base upon which this marketing program is built. The end result will be an increase in the value of your customer base. Look at your current data base and select those that have the best potential to become valued customers.

“Relationship Marketing is the ongoing process of identifying and creating new value with individual customers and then sharing the benefits from this over a lifetime association” Ian Gordon. 

Marketing is the lifeline to business success; work on your business and develop a one on one campaign; the results will amaze you.

Have a great day!

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