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Goal Setting

There are many times that we set goals, we make a new years resolution, or give something up for lent or ,,,,,,  Let’s look at a simple new year’s resolution; ” I am going to lose 10 lbs”. We now have a stated goal, how many times have you heard similar goals set by friends, family, or co-workers? In real life, very few goals become a reality. Saying that you are going to lose 10 lbs may cause you to eat less for several days, but as time passes the goal is shoved back to some obscure place and never surfaces again. Let’s take another approach to achieving our goal.

  • First step is to put it in writing and then communicate it; since we are the ones that have to effect the system to reach the goal, we must communicate, in this case, with ourselves. We write a big note stating our goal, make several copies, and then put one on our bathroom mirror, one on the refrigerator door and another on our desk at work. (you get the message).
  • The next step is to determine over what time period we are going to lose this weight.  If we give ourselves 10  weeks, then we have to lose one pound per week. We now have a specific and measurable goal.
  • Since this is our main goal, we have to prioritize our actions and not let other goals take precedent over this one. If we make ten new year’s resolutions, we probably won’t accomplish any of them.
  • Reached goals should be rewarded Select your reward when you adopt your goal.  In this case, it may be new clothes that are the reward. Cut our a picture of the clothes or the store where you will buy them and  place it next to your goal.
  • Now, the goal has to be backed up by an action plan: perhaps a daily calorie count may be established, or menus have to be written for each of the 10 weeks.Now you are in a position to implement the steps needed to reach your goals.

My challenge to you is to select a goal, however small and follow theses steps. This process works with any goal, personal or business. In order to succeed with any  goal you have to “buy” into reaching the goal. It must be something that is very important to you as this will help your perseverance. Of course, the goal has to be realistic and achievable, i.e. to earn $1,000,000 tomorrow may not be an achievable goal. Achieving goals is process that can be developed. After you achieve your first goal select another and then another and always follow this process. You will find that you will achieve wonders for your personal and business life.


We are the ones now who most often stand in the way of our own growth and happiness.

Have a great day!

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