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According to Webster, the definition of the word minimalist means “one who favors restricting the functions and powers of a political organization” .  I agree with this statement when it comes to our government but today, I was introduced to this word in a different  situation. I visited with a person today who told me he was a minimalist, both in his home and also in his business. I had to ask him what he meant and how it applied to his life.

His definition of the word is ” don’t buy or keep what you don’t need“.  Our visit was in his home. it was attractive and built with quality materials. He offered to demonstrate his definition, and once I took a good look at his home and after our tour, I realized the importance of his definition. The “clutter” that is usually found in a home was  missing. The master closet was about three quarters full. He shared that both he and his wife only buy things that they will wear more than once and give away to charity any items that  no longer use. The  furniture also fit the definition, they  only had enough to accommodate their own needs and also to have room for guests when needed. The great room was designed to be the focal point of the home and there was no need for a formal living room as well as a family room.
The rest of the home tour reinforced his definition.

As a successful business owner, he went onto share that the same principal applied to his business. Every item that was bought, from the least to the most expensive, had to fit into his definition. His staff was also hired only when there was a need and the addition of that person had to have a positive   impact on the bottom line.  He told me that he bought quality equipment and furniture, but only enough to maintained the business. His clients appreciate his philosophy because they know that any thing that he provides will be the best available,  to satisfy their needs.

We visited for several hours and I came away with another mission.  The concept  of being a “minimalist” is very powerful and needs to be shared  and applied, both in our personal life as well as our business. I will work that into my consulting practice and perhaps, even write a  book.


 It is never to late to adopt healthy, new skills and make the effort to improve your life.
Have a great day!

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