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Business Patience

Most small business are in a hurry to succeed. Their vision of “making a lot of money in a short time” affects their way of operating their business. Business grows one step at a time; consistency is the key to success. Many times a new idea is put into practice; if it doesn’t produce the desired results it is dropped and another direction is taken. Even the best ideas may need a little tweaking; the light bulb did not work with the first filament that was used. It took many different attempts to find the right filament and once it was found, it changed the world.

A business venture or a new idea, in most cases, can become a success; people fail because they gave up on their concept to soon. I’ll share a personal story; about 10 years ago I had an idea about creating a company that would recommend qualified vendors to those looking for service people. Than included plumbers, attorneys, doctors, electricians, etc, you get the idea. I started asking for referrals from my friends and clients; service providers that had excelled in their field with quality work and a pleasant attitude. I printed a brochure, set up a web site, with a few service providers, and then ran an add in the paper for sales people to build the business. My add brought in two applicants, neither of which  had the qualities I was looking for. I put the idea on the back burner, disappointed that I could not find the right people on my first try.

Three years ago someone else took that idea and made it into a very successful and profitable company. They are offering  exactly what I had suggested,  but they did not give up after the first failure.

I am building a consulting business, one client at a time; I have learned that patience,  tweaking and consistency  are a necessary virtue for a successful business.


The only goal you cannot achieve is the one you have not yet recognized!

Have a great day!

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