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High Tech Marketing Tools

While I believe that person to person  contact is the very best way to develop a relationship, I also know that one must use all the available tools to attract clients/customers to your business. Social media is rapidly becoming the marketing center for new business development. Who would have thought that U-tube, Tweeter, Face, book, and a host of other social media sights would become a powerful marketing opportunity for a business. I have been reading and attending seminars  on internet marketing and I will share some of my findings:

  • Use a  video in all your marketing. The flip video camera is inexpensive  and very easy to use. They range in  price form $100 and up: They have a built in USB connection which makes down loading your video a snap. Video can be added to your blog as well as posted on most social media sites without a charge. A video provides a lot more credibility than the written word. Video your clients that are happy with your services and post then on your blog,U-Tube, etc. Show off your place of business, your products, create a webinar; use your imagination.
  • Blog sites are taking over the traditional web sites as a means of attracting new business. Of course, your web address should be included in your blog. Your blog has a better chance of coming up in a goggle search than your web site.
  • Smart phones are rapidly becoming an indispensable tool. You can receive all your e-mail on the phone, maintain all your contact information, schedule appointments and have access to dozens of other applications to help grow your business.
  • Learn about on line Press Releases.
  • SEO (search engine optimization). There is an art to using the right words to get you blog or website at the top or near the top, without paying for each “click”.

There are seminars, books, online help, and social media “teachers” who can help you develop your marketing efforts. Tomorrow’s customers grew up with the internet and will use it to search for goods and service.

My wife is very smart, she suggested that I learn how apply all this new technology to my marketing program so that I can demonstrate its value to my clients. Hope you will notice some changes as I learn this new marketing.

A small business is no bigger than the idea upon which it was born.

Have a great day!


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