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Consulting – Part time or full time

Each of us is blessed with a strength that  can be shared with others. It may be your knowledge from working in a business, life experiences or education received. This knowledge has value and you can charge for sharing this knowledge. A consultant is someone who provides a specialized expertise, content, behavior, skill or other resource to assist a client in improving the status quo. This intervention focuses on a specific client need.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no constraints placed on a consultant. Anyone, at any time, and virtually anywhere, can be a consultant.

Believing in yourself  is the basis for starting a consulting business. You first must identify your area of expertise, something you are passionate about. Before you start a marketing campaign remember that a potential  client does not purchase services, but rather purchase your promise to produce a more favorable future for them on schedule. Value is always defined by the recipient, not the provider. Part of the marketing process is to discover expectations that a potential client has when seeking your services.

Take the time to spell out the exact service you can provide as a consultant and what benefits will be derived by those who hire you. This process requires a lot of thought, don’t expect to finish this part in an hour; you may work on this for weeks and then tweak the results as you start marketing and working with clients.

Now comes the hard part, finding clients to buy your service. In my opinion, consulting services are “bought” in the “gut” of the prospective client. The brochures, web pages, blogs, social media, etc justify the purchase of your services.

Clients come from several sources; this includes, referrals, targets (people or firms who you know can use your services) and finally both personal  and nonpersonal promotions.

My expertise is helping people set up a new business ventures, or improving an existing business  and walking with them as they accomplish their goals.


“When two men in a business always agree, one of them is unnecessary”

Have a great day!

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