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Spent two  to three hours a day this past week attending a “cyber convention”. There were booths with drawings, key note speakers (some live) and at least another 5 to 6  excellent speakers every day. The amount of information was almost to much to assimilate at the time you heard the speaker; but, just like a live convention , many of the speakers had handouts which I printed and will read over the next few weeks.

While technology was not the only topic presented, I felt that I learned more in that field. I was impressed with the “marketing power” available on the internet and also with the many locations that one can market their business at little or no cost.

The old saying, ” a picture is worth a thousand words” came to life as I saw the statistics on viewer response to a written marketing piece  ( which may have included still pictures and graphics) and a marketing effort using a video. I am convinced that the use of video is the future for marketing on the internet.

New skills are almost a must in todays rapidly changing world. As you may have noticed, computers, smart phones, etc become obsolete shortly after you buy one. I practice what I preach and don’t expect to become an expert in adding video to my internet marketing efforts; I eventually hope to have someone doing that for me. At the present time, I want to know the process and just how difficult it is to add the video feature. This coming week I will research the new “direct application” video cameras that you just plus into your USB port and upload. I will buy one this week and start experimenting with it. If you want to know how I am doing and what I buy, please e-mail me or call me at 602-989-1592.


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