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Trust – The foundation for a successful business

The process of building trust between you and clients should be the foundation block for everything you do in your business. Just think of the many benefits that can come from such a relationship; respect, referrals, acceptance of your recommendations,  less stress in working with your customers, and having people ask for your products or services.

I am sure that you, like me, have met people that, in our minds, say I don’t trust that person. We seldom meet people that we have complete trust in just by looking at them. Trust takes time to grow and develop. We develop trust by our action, the way we act and speak. An image, of the way we wish to be perceived, should be integrated in everything you do. It’s not only how you act, but how you dress, how you project yourself in your marketing, even your business card. Trust is also built by your actions in a non business environment

To earn trust we must first give of ourselves without expecting anything in return. Our image must be one that builds confidence in our ability to solve a clients problems. Listening and truly caring are strong trust building tools. In my case, I get so excited about what I have to offer that I start my selling process before I find out what a potential client wants to buy. On my desk I have a sign that reads “SHUT UP AND LISTEN”; it serves as a reminder when I talk on the phone, use SKYPE, or talk to someone in my office.

In my real estate practice I meet many people who are afraid to give me their name or contact information for fear that I will annoy with calls and high pressure sales methods. My answer to this problem is to give them information, answer their questions and give them the option of giving me their contact information, but only if I feel that they are someone I can learn to trust and am willing to work with.

Work on building a “trust” process. Look at all the aspects of your business, not only your clients, but also your suppliers. Does your marketing efforts project the type of image that your target market will respond to?

This is one aspect of your business that you have to personally develop and implement.


What is called luck is usually an outgrowth of successful communication.

Have a great day!

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