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Gold and Business

Gold is considered a measure of value. Since early recorded history, gold has played an important part both as a show of wealth (jewelry) and in currency. Our Country produced gold coins and still does. Investors buy the coins and collectors are always looking for that perfect coin. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on gold products almost every day. It is hard to listen or watch any program without someone asking you to invest in gold. When we buy gold and take possession of it, we put it in a safe at home or store it in a safety deposit box at our local bank. We take extra good care of the gold in our possession; we guard it, keep it safe and constantly watch it’s value grow.

Your business is your gold! In fact, it is worth more than gold; gold has it’s value set by the world economy, you have very little control as to its future value. Your business can be molded into whatever you want. I can buy an ounce of gold for around $1100 today, or I can invest the same amount into my business, and with a careful plan and hard work, I can double or triple that investment. I can’t do that with gold.

Gold is a passive investment; your business is  vibrant and active and can be directed by you,  to achieve whatever value you desire.

Treat you business as if had more  value than gold; Watch it, nurture it and mold it into  your dreams. Gold is a current store of value, your business holds all the promises of your future.

These daily messages are given to you to help you  turn your dreams into reality. Sometimes a mentor is needed and we are here to provide the support.


The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion.

Have a great day!
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