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Start Now! Waiting may dilute your business.

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The time to start a new business venture is now! If you wait until you have everything perfect, you may never start. A true classic example is my uncle who had a dream of quiting his job and opening a specialty store.  He worked on his dream for over ten years and he died of a heart attack before he could implement his dream. Every time we visited he told me “any day now”. I was in college when this happened and it was a very sad but valuable lesson that I learned. He disliked his “job” but lacked the courage to “start”.

If you have an idea for a new business, start working on it and in it today. It may be only one hour a day after work, it may be weekends only, but start implementing your dream. There is no such excuse as not enough time or I just need to tweak a few things.

Keep the process simple: Write down a description of your product or service, be as specific as you can. Select a name for your company (keep it short and different). Prepare a brochure to give to a prospect ( it will help you organize your thoughts even if it is not used at this time) Design a logo (it can be made to look professional later). Print a business card. Open a twitter account, a linkedin account and a face book account. They are all free. Write about your firm. Start a list of all your contacts and tell them you have started a business. ( you just made a commitment). Start gathering your mentor and support team.

As you start working you can fill in the pieces as you make your dream a reality.


If someone says “can’t” that shows you what to do.

Have a great day!

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