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This evening I took two friends of mine to a four day three night retreat. Both are busy with their jobs and stressed with family and business issues. No, they both have a great marriage; their family stress is mostly illness in their family. No matter where you work, you get caught up in the day to day business of earning a living and true relaxation if a rare event. Without a lot of explanation about the retreat, they both took my word for it and agreed to go. I told them it would be spiritually uplifting and rejuvenate them upon their return.

It is important for each of us to stop our daily activity and seek some personal quiet time. Not an hour or two during the day, but a real escape for at least three days. A family vacation does not count, nor does a business convention. A spiritual retreat, without a TV or internet; one in which you have time to listen to meaningful talks and given the time to meditate on the talks and even share your thoughts with other participants. A retreat where your only job is examine your thoughts and direction in life. A retreat where your meals are provided and the participants are all there for the same purpose. No, your family does not go with you and you don’t go home every evening. Also, there is no walking on a bed of hot coals in your bare feet.

Having had the honor of first being a participant and then working on many teams that put on these spiritual retreats,  I can share first hand, that the participants had a life changing experience. The important thing is to realize that each person participating in a retreat will get something totally different out of it. The spiritual retreat that I am involved with is held three times a year for men and women; however, they both go at separate times.

My challenge is for you to seek out such a retreat, perhaps your church offers; search until you find one and “plug” yourself in once a year. The results will change your life and your outlook towards your family, friends and business will be greatly improved.


One of the noblest things a man can do is do the best he can.

Have a great day!

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