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Don’t ask for help at the last minute!

Had a call this afternoon from a person who had to make a decision before 5pm today. This particular call had to do with a loan modification issue. This person had already spent thousands of dollars trying to reduce an interest rate and also to have part of the debt forgiven so that the payment could be affordable. This was their third modification company who gave them an ultimatum. I am sure that there was a “scam” involved as the first company he paid never returned calls and later all their phones were disconnected.

For the past few months I have written frequently about having a mentor and or a support group. I stress that your chance for success is very minimal if you are flying alone, by the “seat of your pants”: there is only a small difference between pride and stupidity.

A mentor and a support group may not have all the answers, but they can help you think through a problem and perhaps suggest someone who can offer a solution, if they can not.

Life, both on a personal basis and as business has to have a trusted adviser in the picture. I have been blessed with a gift of understanding and an ability to see the “overall Picture” and can offer some viable solutions.  Just like a trusted doctor is needed when your life is on the line ( you don’t ask him how much it will cost) you also need  someone to help you straighten you personal ( not marriage issues, but financial and budget decision) or business life.  In both cases the return on your investment will either save your life or your ( or your businesses) financial future.

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Facing a crisis alone is one of the most devastating things that a person can suffer.

Have a great day!

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