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Nothing is “black or white”

We are all “grounded”or “formed” by many influences; parents, teachers, friends, our peer group, and our spiritual upbringing.
All these influences bring us to our own individual understanding of our career. These are our core values as we strive to grow a business. We may find ourselves in a “box”, limited by the what others have told us we are capable of accomplishing.

As we grow and begin to understand the true meaning of our own spirituality; that fact that we have unlimited potential,  we can then break the emotional chains that have kept us from success.

We have to develop the discipline to carry on and to do what we know should be done.

For the past few months I have presented a “black and white” portrait of what it takes to succeed. Success can only be achieved if we accept and follow suggestions, not only because our mind tells us to, but also because our hearts agree with our mind.

My prayer life helps me to accept my daily challenges and guides me in my efforts to help others through my business or to share my gifts with others who can’t afford to pay.

This is my attempt to share with you that book learning is not complete without a spiritual and emotional “buy in”. It takes all three to reach your dream.


To consider yourself separate from God is to ignore Reality!

Have a great day!

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