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Give it time

Impatience is a flaw! We have shared many thoughts on how to grow a business, but  somehow I have failed to talk about the issue of time. I thank you for the positive comments and the ideas that you are implementing, but they will not be an immediate  fix.

The suggestions that I offer are good and can change the course of a business. They can help it grow, but not an hour after implementation.Like a seed that is planted with the idea of growing a certain vegetable. The ground must first be cleared, then cultivated and then the seed is planted. The real work begins as we have to fertilize the ground, pick weeds that grow around of plant and then water and continue fertilizing as needed until it is ready to be harvested.Only then can we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

This  is the cycle of a change in a business. Don’t expect overnight success. All changes and new ideas must be nurtured and fed, just like our seed. Each “seed” has it’s own cycle of growth; some take longer than others.

We try to set reasonable expectations as we adopt new changes and different directions. If not enough time is given you will be setting yourself up for a failure and at the same time, to much time can cause you to neglect our seed.

Knowledge of how much time is needed for a “seed” to grow into an eatable product is essential to properly plan for reaping the results of your efforts.


An activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better.

Have a great day!

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