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Consistency in Marketing

Marketing is the foundation for the growth and the survival of any business. The best time to market is when you don’t need the business. The typical scenario I find is that marketing is a last minute effort when the business starts showing signs of failure.

It is critical that every business has a written marketing plan which stands alone and  takes priority over every function of the business. Even client responsibilities should not interfere with the implementation and follow through of a marketing plan. The day to day operation of a business should be built around the marketing plan.

I advocate that 25 % of the business day be allocated to the implementation of  the marketing plan. Ideally,  the same time each day should be dedicated to marketing. Those two hours are sacred and everything else related to the  operation should be scheduled during the other six hours.

The marketing plan includes “customer relations” ; in person, over the phone and via e-mail. Every employee should be versed in the marketing plan and the goal it has to achieve; their  jobs  rely on the success of the marketing plan.

A marketing plan has to be measured for its effectiveness and monitored for needed corrections.

Please call me for an outline of a typical marketing plan. Unfortunately, each business requires a different foot print for its plan and has to be developed specifically for that particular business.


 Clients are far more interested in your accomplishments than in your credentials.

Have a great day!

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