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Is your business visible?

A business can be visible in many different ways. Today I am referring to the image that your current and future clients have of your physical business. We spend time and money marketing our products and services, and rightfully so, but the image of your physical business should also be included.

Pictures are worth a thousand words; visual impressions of your business are a very powerful marketing tool. Whether you work in a high rise office building, and industrial park or even in your home, a good visual presentation of your office gives confidence.

Be proud of your business location. I work out of my home and am proud to share the reasons for my decision. In your on-line marketing use a picture of your office; it may be just a picture of you sitting at your desk in your home office of an office building, a conference room, etc. If you have a company brochure, show some part of your work space.

A picture represents a solid foundation. People in the east may appreciate a picture of me sitting in my “Arizona” back yard working on my computer. Be creative in promoting your location. Don’t ever be ashamed of your “work space”. Working out of your home does not mean that your are financially unable to have an office away from home. I work at home for convenience and it affords me the advantage of having both my communications as well as my hard files available when I need them. I don’t neglect my family time, but I also feel motivated to work at times other then 8 to 5.


Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.

Have a great day!

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