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Live Virtual Meetings

Frequent communications between remote business partners ( partners that don’t work at the same location) is critical, not only during the initial growth of the business, but on an ongoing basis. There are many ways to communicate, but the one I recommend the most is as follows:

  • if your computers do not have a built in webcam system then purchase them for each partner. They are easy to install and are relatively inexpensive to purchase (between $30 to $100).
  • Subscribe to a video service such as SKYPE ( there is no charge for using this service.
  • Each week allocate a minimum of 30 minutes per day for a “face to face meeting”. Set up a schedule that fits both partners time frame. This meeting can be held early morning, during the day, or in the evening.
  • Establish a format, agenda, for the meeting so that the time allocated is used efficiently
  • Make written notes of the details of the meeting and then scan them into a folder in your computer for future reference.

Live video communications are much more effective then e-mail. Other uses for this type of communications can be for enhancing client/customers relations. Time commitments may keep you away from frequent personal calls so video communications can save both time and money, but still keep that one on one contact system in place. Consider giving a web can as a gift to your clients and encourage them to use it instead of the phone; it makes for much more “personal” conversations.


“The thing that separates people who have been successful in business from others is that they have enough self-esteem so they can just do their own thing and not worry about what their image is.”

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