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Customer Service “Over and Above”

For many businesses Customer Service means “trying to do what you were hired to do.” What you do and how well you do it are the fundamentals of our daily business efforts. We finish our work and pray that we are call by our customers and that he refers us to others.

Your customers expect you to do your work but in order to grow your business you must  create a memorable experience, satisfying their needs and at the same time exceeding their expectations.

A small business has an advantage over most large firms with hundreds or thousands of customers. The advantage is the opportunity to personally know your customers and to use that knowledge to create a “customer unique WOW”

Exceeding expectations in a small business has to be ingrained in the owners’ business philosophy and mandated to every employee as the business grows.

As an owner you have to exceed the expectations not only of your customers, but also your employees and every one that comes in contact with your business (service providers, cleaning people, etc)

Start today, look over your past customer list and determine, for each of them what you can do to “exceed their expectations” and do it!

In an earlier blog I mentioned that 25% of your time should be spent on marketing; Exceeding your customers expectations is part of the marketing process. Retaining clients and getting referrals from them should be your number one marketing priority; that is accomplished best by exceeding everyone’s expectations.


“People don’t buy because they are made to understand. They buy because they feel understood.”

Have a great day! 
P.S. Share this daily business blog with others. It will exceed their expectations.

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