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“Doing what you have always done will get you what you have always gotten“. In order to bring new products and services to the market we must first get rid of our old mindset. Sometime  ago I wrote that “the only constant in our lives is change” When starting a new business or when trying to reinvent your business the winners are going to be those who stayed ahead of the change curve. The future will look different than today and when your vision as what the future will look like is clear in your mind, and you have introduced a new product or service, it’s time to look to the future again.

For most of us, our business education has been a study of what has worked in the past.  We try to duplicate a business that was successful yesterday, without taking into consideration that only an innovative idea can lead to success tomorrow. In order to grow a company today, your vision must be different and unique, offering something  different than what is currently available.

Look at wireless telephone and the almost daily changes that are occurring in the industry. You don’t have to invent something better than the i-phone (you can if you have a better idea). What you have to do is to look at your current product or service or one that you would like to start and see how it can be changed to have a competitive advantage. Yes, you can take a current idea and reshape thus providing an improved  product or service.

As a small or start up business you automatically have a competitive advantage. A large corporation takes a long time to turn itself around, as small business “can turn on a dime”, but only if constantly seek change and improvement.

Visioning is a powerful tool. Use your support team to bounce ideas and ask them for their “out of the box” thinking that may help you be a leader of change in your industry.


Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.

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