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When selecting a doctor I don’t know what kind of car he drives, home he lives in, wine that he drinks or where he buys his clothes. What’s more, I don’t care! I do care about his ability to take care of my current medical problem. I am looking for a clean office and clean examination room. I do care about the welcome I get from his receptionist.

You should build your business based on your knowledge and the service or products you provide. A million dollar plus home (currently worth about half that amount) or a car with $600 per month payments that you drive back and forth to work, will not help you get or keep more clients.

In this current economy, how much easier would it be if your did not have a car payment, but still drove your old car; it worked real well but you convinced yourself that you had to trade it in for your image. A home is a place of comfort for you and your family. It is not an investment property. Friends come to your home because of who you are; if you are ashamed to invite them to dinner then you have a confidence problem.

Your business should have the things necessary to provide the best product or service possible; over and above that, you are wasting money and many clients know that. It  is much more prudent to save extra money; use it to grow your business or to plan for the future needs of your family.

A great book is “Stop Acting Rich” by Stanley.In the book he shares a formula for having for determing your true net worth. take 10% of your age and multiply it by your annual household income. For example, if you are 40 years old and make 80,000 a year, your true net worth should be 5 time 80,000 or $400,000. Stanley said that you should have $400,000 in assets not counting the equity in your home, or any funds invested in the stock market or mutual funds.

Where are you when you apply this formula to yourself?


If you spend in anticipation of becoming rich, you are unlikely ever to become truly wealthy.

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