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Let’s take America back!

In Scottsdale Arizona at the corner of Camelback Rd and Scottsdale Rd, there were many,  signs, this morning,  protesting the current health care proposal. Our government is not listening to its people. Demonstrations, letters, phone calls and e-mails appear not to have any effect. Most all the products we buy are manufactured overseas, yet our unemployment rate is still rising.

I believe that our country and the majority of its citizens are ready to support a new vision for the United States. One in which we rely upon ourselves to create jobs, manufacture products and offer American services.

We must strive to provide help, to educate and to inspire those that are unemployed or underemployed; they can, with our support, start new businesses, which we, in turn, can support. This is going to require a major effort on all our parts; we have become a lazy nation in many ways. Our education system is one of the worst in the entire world so there is very little entrepreneurial education available for those seeking start new ventures.

As I mentioned before, our country was founded on a  good work ethic, good family values and a following of  Christian beliefs.  Each person found a need and provided the goods or services needed to grow and support a vibrant community.

We may not be able to change our entire country at one time, but by taking one step at a time, we can bring our Nation back to the original constitution upon which it was founded.

I am willing to help lead the charge, will you help? (This is the time you should comment on this topic)


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Encourage  others to subscribe to this blog and we will share our plans for  helping create a better Nation.

Have a great day!

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