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creating web site traffic

The internet has created false hopes for many small businesses. After spending money ( and sometimes a lot of money) with the anticipation that a web page is not only necessary, but will also bring you clients, owners find out that there is no traffic to their company web page.

Generating traffic to a web site is a worthwhile marketing effort. There are many services that promise, but seldom deliver, placement for your web site at the top of the major search engine’s list. I find it interesting that they promise the top spot to everyone that will pay them.
Another way to spend your money is to  go to a “pay per click”; in this case you pay a fixed amount  for each person that clicks and goes to your site. This can also be a very expensive proposition without any guaranteed results.

The best way to start is to drive your own traffic to your web page. If your web page has something worthwhile to offer, the value of your site will spread by word of mouth and will provide a better quality of potential customers.

The following are some ways of driving traffic to your web page.

  • make sure that your web address is prominently displayed on all printed material.
  • ask everyone that you know to visit your web page.
  • conduct focus groups ( on an ongoing basis) to view your site, use your site, and then report back to you as to its functionality and value.
  • put the highlights of your web page on a DVD and give talks on your product or service using your web page as a presentation tool.
  • ask your support group to sit with you and come up with “out of the box” marketing ideas to get your name out.


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